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Anders K. Pettersen

  • Mail: anders at the domain.
  • Phone: (0047) 99107997
  • Blog: const?
  • GitHub: staticaland


Oslo and Akershus University College (2009 - 2012)

Bachelor of Applied Computing Technology.


Experis Norway (Sep 2012 - Mar 2014)

See below.

SpareBank 1 Banksamarbeidet DA (Mar 2014 - Present)

Computer Security Incident Response

T2/T3 support technician.

Debugging, log analysis, programming, monitoring, incident management. Making sense of data flows, essentially.

  • Untangled many complex cases for corporate and private banking customers
  • Worked on minimizing downtime for one of Norways most popular online banks
  • Acquired broad expertise in all tiers of online banking systems
  • Contributor and maintainer of Python web application used for alerting etc
  • Responsible for training and giving advice on recruitment
  • Distilled all my knowledge about the online banking stack into an 8 chapter introductory guide


Tools, workflows and philosophy

I prefer to work on a automation focused platform. I’m most productive with evil mode in Emacs combined with org-mode. I prefer to use a tiling window manager like i3 or bspwm. I use a split keyboard with customized key layers.

Anything I do on a regular basis is bound to a hotkey and/or scripted and put in $PATH. I believe 1% changes have compounding effects. I also believe these small changes make room for clear thinking when the stakes are higher.

I’m a big fan of the simplicity and elegance of shell programming and know how to create fairly advanced CLI clients that follow the Unix philosophy.

I like to share hard earned lessons. Untangling mysteries and writing documentation is a big part of my learning strategy.

I seek out relevant books for the job and like going to conferences to refresh my thinking. Growth mindset.

I’m very strategic and spend a lot of time thinking about the bigger picture. I have a good understanding of how to get things done in a large organization.


  • AWS and Terraform: I have worked with several AWS services and have lots of experience building terraform modules. I have set up a build pipeline for multiple environments in multiple accounts using terraform with terragrunt (based on a common ┬źreference architecture┬╗).
  • Python: Many years of experience. Running web applications and making CLIs that use JSON APIs.
  • Splunk (log management): Many years of experience. Advanced dashboards, complex searching, alerts, regex, data models and input configuration.
  • Logging and log analysis: I have strong opinions on what it means to have high quality logs, how to spot bugs and how to extract value out of them. My eyes can scan through logs surprisingly fast. Full stack debugging intuition. I have learnt to debug programs without seeing the code.
  • Monitoring, observability and alerting: I’m very passionate about intelligent monitoring, and how to best understand systems by making data easy to understand.
  • Linux: I mostly have small scale experience, but I want to get more serious. My main strengths would be scripting, automation and crafting CLI tools. I am very comfortable with the command line. I also know how to create packages for yum and pip. I run Fedora at home.
  • Docker: Some experience. Wrote some simple Dockerfiles from scratch to understand how it works. Deployed a web application through OpenShift (Docker/Kubernetes) once.
  • Ansible: I made a playbook for setting up a Debian VM.
  • Teaching: I’m excited about sharing my knowledge with other people.
  • Incident management: Experience in knowing how to coordinate and communicate facts clearly when problems occur. I never guess or leap to conclusions without facts.


  • Music production and beginner level piano playing. I have a small studio at home.
  • Exploring things all the way down
  • Coffee
  • Linux
  • Programming
  • Gaming


Email me for references.