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iOS, iPad and iPhone music production mega resource guide
Dec 30, 2018
2 minutes read

YouTube channels

Jakob Haq

The Sound Test Room

Henny Tha Bizness

Cuckoo (cuckoomusic)


Use AppSliced to find apps and watch prices. A useful keyword is AUv3.

Here’s some additional resources:



It’s free!


A very low friction mixer.

Sonic Touch - AUM Audio Mixer and AUv3

You can route audio from AUM into other apps like Cubasis.


A DAW-like.

MODX + Cubasis as MIDI sequencer (detailed tutorial & philosophical discussion) - YouTube

Beatmaker 3

Good choice for making hip-hop beats.

How to MAKE BEATS on an iPad in 2018!!! (BeatMaker 3 Six Month REVIEW)

I use a NAS of course.


Audiobus 3 and Midiflow Setting up and Geting Started Demo for the iPad

I think you have the wrong idea of what Audiobus is. It is not trying to be a DAW or self contained music workplace. It is a place for channeling audio and midi between apps within iOS. It is almost one of the essential apps for many who use multiple apps within iOS. Most iOS music makers will use Audiobus at one time or another during their music making process, if they use multiple apps. Hope this helps you understand the apps main use a bit more, if not I’m sure you will find more help on the Audiobus forum.

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