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Oct 24, 2017
One minute read

Knock Feldgrind

The Feldgrind is a conical burr grinder. Conical burr grinders give us a grind with a bimodal distribution (two modes) of particle sizes. There will be two different groups of particle sizes. One larger group and one smaller group (fines). The Feldgrind is very consistent within this limitation. The extraction rate of coffee increases with a larger surface area, so grind consistency is very important.

The capacity is around 40 grams, depending on bean volume.

Grind time is 30 seconds for one cup of Aeropress coffee (ie. around 15 grams). Finer grind setting increase the grind time.

The benefits over an electric grinder:

  • Portable
  • Easier to repair
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Doesn’t require electric power
  • More consistent grind for the price

It’s the more minimalistic and simple choice for the amount of coffee I brew.

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