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blog deployment
Sep 30, 2017
One minute read

This blog is set up for continuous deployment from my private Git repository on GitLab.

Files are generated by hugo with the help of Netlify.

Netlify gives me the benefit of a static site without any of the hassle. DNS, storage, HTTPS, super fast hosting - it all works out of the box.

To me it’s more important to write articles than figuring out how to configure Amazon S3 and Route 53 (which was my old setup). I encourage you to do the same. It gives a glimpse into the future of software deployment too.

I write with:

  • neovim
  • GitLab editor - if I only have a web browser
  • iA Writer + Working Copy on iOS - nice at cafes with a portable keyboard

Having many tools at hand makes it harder to come up with weak excuses for doing something else.


Hugo Makefile

Article about Hugo on AWS

It’s time for Makefiles to make a comeback

Makefiles are executable cheat sheets.

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