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Blog deployment
Sep 27, 2017
One minute read

This blog is set up for continuous deployment from my private Git repository on GitLab. I use Magit to commit and push changes.

Files are generated by hugo with the help of Netlify.

Netlify gives me the benefit of a static site without any of the hassle. DNS, storage, HTTPS, super fast hosting - it all works out of the box.

To me it’s more important to write articles than figuring out how to configure Amazon S3 and Route 53 (which was my old setup). I encourage you to do the same. It gives a glimpse into the future of software deployment too.

The source of this blog is one org-mode file that is run through ox-hugo to create markdown files.

I write with Emacs (Spacemacs with evil mode).

Emacs and Org-mode has taken over everything. It’s hard to think of anything that could be better suited to my needs.

With Vim, there was always something slightly annoying. With org-mode and Emacs, there is amazement hiding behind every corner. I highly recommend it.


Article about Hugo on AWS

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