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Jan 29, 2017
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Buy rechargeable batteries.

Never worry about batteries again.

The batteries

Buy according to the appliance.

You can also buy Eneloops from NKON.


Shipping to Norway = £6

Total = £15.90


IKEA batteries are said to be sourced from FDK (Fujitsu) who also make Eneloop batteries that cost a lot more.

See Are IKEA batteries Eneloops in disguise?

More information at Reddit.

Even more information.

Solar energy

I like to use solar panels just to keep on top of the technology. It’s supposed to be the future and all. So I’m doing these fun small scale experiments.

LiitoKala Lii-100 can be combined with a solar panel. You can charge the phone at night when there is no sun. It’s like a mini Tesla powerwall. There is also the Nitecore F1 (and F2) which might be a more reputable brand.

Also, the IKEA Koppla is a decent USB plug.

Fun chains:

  • Solar panel → LiitoKala Lii-100 → USB power meter → USB LED
  • Solar panel → LiitoKala Lii-100 → USB power meter → Raspberry Pi

Interesting stuff

YouTube - What’s inside Eneloop and LIDL NiMh cells (fire, apparently)

LiitoKala Lii-500 - Nice charger that can be used as a USB power bank. Review here. Be careful with chinese electronics though.

YouTube - Yes, Batteries Are Our Future. Here’s Why.

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